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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grus Paridae - Passes By

Grus Paridae is a duo from Finland and their debut single, Passes By, is one of the most promising sounds from the progressive rock sound and the two members consider; Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen who play the instruments by creating scientific, experimental, and art rock sounds that resemble the golden age of the 1970s in their music.

There are only two tracks on the album and they have made a huge intuition on me on hearing their debut single from start to finish.  The opening title track begins with rainfall, acoustic guitar and soothing vocals between both Kurki and Turtiainen as they really set the tone throughout the song with the ballad to make you imagine the scenery walking in the coldest part of the evening and listening to this on your headphones as it snows.

The chorus, have a lot of pleasant-sounding vibe between the guitars and string section to close off the piece as they take turns on the solos that have a touch of Pink Floyd thrown in there. The closing track, Inheritance of Devotion, has a catchy vibe that has double-tracking robotic vocals that is completely unexpected. And to have guest violinist Jarno Koivunen taking the piece to a whole different area, makes the composition swirl beautifully.

It reminded me at times of ‘70s French-Prog Rock group Atoll from Jarno’s violin work as he pays tribute to Richard Aubert. The duo have a good ear on what needs to show which piece comes next and where they land on first on their feet.  But it has an amazing psych-prog with an electronic vibe to it that makes it swell and they can take the melodic arrangements flown along with the ascending climb from the instruments, guitar solo, and vocals, it makes it very much like a story that is about to begin.

This is a promising up-and-coming band that have a lot of spirit in their music and I hope I can expect what they will come up with next with their first debut album as they are about to walk into one of these days, the Yellow Brick Road on what will lead them to next.

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