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Sunday, November 9, 2014

In Tormentata Quiete - Cromagia

Given the sounds of Black Metal with a dosage between Folk-Prog Rock and Avant-Garde atmosphere, it’s quite an interesting take of creating those three genres and making it combined into one. And one of the bands that have been around called In Tormentata Quiete. Formed in 1998, the band’s concept is to create a score of the spiritual journey of how a Man has to deal with their own emotions and they have released three albums so far on the concept and now released this year from My Kingdom Music is Cromagia.

It’s an album that goes through the passion of humanity and creates the dynamics of the storyline in different vibes with exquisite themes and intense yet insane structures on what they would come up with next. Beginning with an ambient guitar-like alarming introduction that has elements of Tangerine Dream’s score to Sorcerer on the opener, Blu, it makes you go inside the human mind of the man’s idea and see what he would do next as it segues into il Profumo del Blu.

There are some of the beauty and the beast vocals in there with the shrieking thrown in and took me by surprise with the electronic vibes thrown in there along with at times operatic vocals between Simone Lanzoni and Marco Vitale as Irene Petitto handles the middle-eastern vocalizations as the instruments come right in knocking the door down. It goes through a melodic touch for the first 2 minutes and 55 seconds as the violin done by Elena Mirandola and the rhythm and lead guitars along with the growling/insanity vocals, makes you realize that someone is going is trying to break loose in the mental institution before getting into the folk-like sound and into the uplifting touches as Irene comes in and the band goes back into the intense section from the instruments.

Rosso starts off with a droning Indian sitar introduction with some amazing improvisation through a soft turned swift beauty done by Leo Vertunni, as it tells the tale of the passion of living while il Sapore del Rosso goes back into the moving melody and then back into the darker elements. Not to mention the piano, vocals, and guitar solo coming in done by Lorenzo Rinaldi and Maurizo D’Apote on the bass creating the vibes growing and Paparella’s drumming goes into sooth and fast-driven at times, giving it all the power they got to kick it in.

Lorenzo Rinaldi really shines through his guitar playing as he puts his electric down for a while and goes into the classical side acoustically with two beautiful gems with Verde featuring Lanzoni’s vocals and the homage to Ottmar Liebert at times with for the first two minutes and into the metallic side in the styles of early Metallica on Giallo. On Nero, it goes into an ominous yet atmospheric surrounding with quiet growling and whispering insanity vocals with the keyboards setting the tone on the conflict on the inner self as the two tracks, La Carezza del Giallo and La Visione del Nero gets back into the nightmarish sounds for the person to conflict the demons inside them.

The closing track, InVento, is a soaring orchestral piece. The band gives Irene a chance to shine through her calming vocals. It is an emotional yet touching composition and Irene does an incredible job while the band gives it a ray of light to find hope as the encouraging harmonies, gratifies the warmth and fulfilling beats. In Tormentata Quiete’s Cromagia is not an easy album to listen to, but it is a powerful, dark, folk, classical, and extreme album combined into one and they have brought the concept for the listener knowing that it might hit home for them and finding out who they are and have a second chance in life to start a new chapter for them.

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