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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jet Black Sea - The Path of Least Existence

Drawing from the sound and the experience of the later Pink Floyd-era of A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell along with the sound of Radiohead, Michel Simons and Nine Stone Close’s Adrian Jones created this duo project called Jet Black Sea. The music is very ominous, atmospheric, and new age to capture the essence of the future to take you to a universe that you have never seen before throughout the stars and into the milky-way.  And with the sounds of; Guitar, Electronic Drums, and the Keyboards/Synths, the duo really worked hard to create the beauty and the magic they brought here on the table.

Their debut album, The Path of Least Existence, is a surreal, absorbed and tranquil they have released this year, but it is one of the most staggering debuts I’ve ever listened to.  The album goes through almost like a spiritual journey to find your inner self and finding out who the real person he or she is and what Simons and Jones do is to take the listener out of their comfy chair’s and began an experience to go through the passages of time.

To understand the idea of the context, the music has some post-rock, ambient, experimental and electronic vibes and bits of the Gilmour-sque sounds from Adrian Jones’ guitar work as if Gilmour himself is in awe after he passed the torch to him to carry the sound of the Floyd’s music and making sure they stay true to the music. Jet Black Sea has finally pulled it off and the combination of the four genres, are combined into one.

Tracks like the calming and futuristic bluesy-jazz twist of Outnumbered and the xylophone avant-garde menacing shrieking vibes on Worst Case Scenario, shows that there is some good that being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and figuring out a way to get out of the sticky situation, can be a difficult situation and deciding what to do next. Elsewhere, the grand piano can give a sorrowful touch along with the string section and the guitar sounding like a siren and crying out in pain throughout the solo surroundings from Northern Exposure, sends chills down to the bone.

Some disturbance can come at you by giving goosebumps on The Law of Diminishing Returns. Adrian goes through the first minute and thirty seconds by making his guitar sound like it was going through the treatments as if it was released from the Arkham Asylum before he and Simons created some terror of what happens inside the mind of someone going into the darker depths of your mind. The Path of Least Existence is a fine debut from Jet Black Sea.

It can be at times disturbing, spiritual, raw, and emotional and from hearing it after four times of listening, I get the feeling that this is a band capturing the depths and bold ideas the duo have in their heads for a brainstorm, it’s something worth exploring into other worlds. So if you are ready to go into the music of Adrian Jones and Michel Simons, get prepared and embark on the sound of Jet Black Sea and into the world of The Path of Least Existence.

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