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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catscans - Catscans EP

Now there comes a time with the digital revolution to startcoming out like sliding down towards the swimming pool and have a huge touch ofatmosphere and experimentations to might peak some listener’s interest andlooking through your parents or online to find the best prog album that youcould afford and not to pay a huge amount of cash to go with it. And let’s getthe facts, hearing the influences from Radiohead and King Crimson with a dosage of Curved Air to the mix, it seems like a perfect match made in heaven and hellof weird, obscure and musique concrete sounds like hearing different timechanges that you would hear from the late ‘60s and the golden era of the 1970s.

That and this new band, Catscans have finally come torealize that they have finally come in full circle with their sole self-titleEP and come to mind with a lot concepts that might come in handy to have musicsound surreal with feedback, scat-line vocals, high-pitch guitar lines,screeching violin work, and probably make sure that the kitchen sink is fulland set it on high voltage to let the dishes come synchronized and team up withthe beauty and the beast roar with a huge amount of anger inside their bodies.

Although the four pieces have made homage to the three bandsincluding the post rock sound of Mogwai, it is a process to bring the music ofthe genre and take the flaming gasoline burning bright and invent from melodicclassical guitar/violin structures and hope there is light at the end of thetunnel. With the hypnotic intro of the guitar virtuoso to surreal synths andthe dark atmosphere of Choeung Ek Memorial (Killing Fields), the twilight zonetouch of the Crimson-sque of the Red-era on Lost and Found and the dramaticviolin rock homage to Black Mountain and Wolf People on the 7-minute finale,Untergang come in as if it was recorded for a Horror Film.

They have a huge start in them in the new prog sound and notto mention the indie rock scene with a touch of film scores they might have inthe future for them, but here with the EP, Catscans has bright a futuristicsound of the future rock sound for a fine line in them and it shows they aren’tshowing off, but bringing an importance of not just to King Crimson, but thetorch for them has been given the full speed ahead to it. Not bad for a band,to give a haunting melodic sound of what the future of what was, is now a wasteland.

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