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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Xadu - Random Abstract

This is a perfect combination between intense rhythm sections, free rein ideas, Avant-Rock, and Post-Jazz Rock. All of the ingredients are well needed for band members in which the realms for a duo from drummer Xavi Reija and guitarist Dusan Jevtovic as they create the concept for a terrifying and eruptive force as Xadu on Random Abstract released on the MoonJune Records label this year.

Both Xavi and Dusan worked together along with Bernat Hernandez on Bass on Resolution. And Dusan though worked with drummer Marko Djordjevic on 2013’s Am I Walking Wrong? Each of those albums are brilliant and for them to work on different projects, it is quite amazing for the duo to collaborate with each other again for 2015 that will make it complex, surreal, mind-boggling, insane, unexpected, and off the wall as Xadu.

Random Abstract is one of the albums that would make you take note on what they will take the listener into unbelievable results with hypnotic brainstorming ideas. Experimental, Math and Doom Metal, Noise, Atmospheric, and Avant-Garde momentum of an increasing volume to show how Xavi and Dusan can take it up a level in their instruments. I can hear the sounds of a resemblance between Robert Wyatt, Radiohead, Guapo, Mogwai, Elephant9 with Reine Fiske, and Krokofant rolling up into one giant hot burrito milkshake that gives it a delicious and spicy taste to get you fired up on what you are about to hear.

The rhythm on here are staggering between Xavi’s powder keg drumming and Dusan’s post-rock guitar playing with a harder edge sword to it by giving the heavier sound into a throttling roar as if they are going into different parts on the road. Dusan also creates these mysterious and cavernous ambient noises on his instrument to give it a sinister and ominous tone as if something is lurking behind you and having the haywire chaotic effects, makes it terrifying and jump at you out of nowhere.

Xavi also gives Dusan a helping hand on some of the beats and the tempo on the drums that can go from a mellowing beat into a fierce and extreme measure. With crescendos between the bass drum, snare, tom-toms, and the crashing sound of the cymbals, rides, and hi-hat’s, gives it a tidal wave momentum.

Random Abstract is an exploration for both Xavi Reija and Dusan Jevtovic’s free rein. The two of them collaborate very well when you listen to the album from beginning, middle, and end. Leonardo Pavkovic has done a brilliant job bringing more of what is to come for the MoonJune label. I bet there will be more to come between the two of them and if you love Post-Rock, Jazz-Rock, Experimental Avant-Garde music, then Xadu’s Random Abstract is a recommended exploration worth checking out.  

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