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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Twilight Motion - The Blind Eye

Since their formation seven years ago, Twilight Motion is for me, one of the most captivating electronic bands to come out of France. With a dosage of Trip Hop and Industrial music rolled into one excellent smoothie beverage, they really brought the concept and ideas to the table and almost produce a soundtrack for the 22nd century on what is about to come next.

That and their second album released this year called The Blind Eye in which it is a follow up to their 2011 debut Dark City, Twilight Motion have released an advanced yet visionary integrity that the group have done. With all of the samples and loops filled with Bass, Drums, and the Keyboard Machines to go together into one area, you can quite expect what you will hear from the moment you listen to their second album, to be prepared for something out of the ordinary that will make your eyebrows light up!

The trio considers Etienne Rousseau on Keyboards/Machines, Julien Nourtier on Drums/Machines, and Francis Lambert on Bass/Machines. And you can quite imagine Twilight Motion writing a score for a sci-fi film that would be on the edge of your seat and the album itself is the ultimate trip worth exploring into.

With the electronic sounds going into hyper speed overdrive, twisted/ominous atmospheres, erupted yet increasing maximum power, the trio really go in a higher level showing no sign of stopping to see where the car is going to take them into which part of the pieces they will embark on next in their compositions. It can be at times chaotic and right in front of your face to have your jaws completely dropped to the floor with some unexpected moments that will make you get ready for an adventure you will never forget.

As each of the beats have different per minutes, Twilight Motion have created wonders with some brainstorming ideas and they have nailed it down. This is my fourth time listening to The Blind Eye, and it took a good while to get into. And then on the third time I listened to it, I was hooked in from the moment I listened to the album from beginning and right into the very end.

Now I have to admit, I’m not a wild Trip Hop & Industrial music fan, but this is a band that really put me on the edge of my seat almost like a roller-coaster ride filled with mind-blowing music. And while this my introduction to Twilight Motion’s music, this album as I’ve mentioned earlier in my introduction, a soundtrack to the 22nd century and very much as if they could have done a score to a dystopian sci-fi film that would have given Ridley Scott’s approval.

So if you are ready for an adventure of Electronic, Trip Hop, and Industrial music, then buckle your seatbelts for an excellent yet thrilling ride of Twilight Motion.

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