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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Top 5 Krautrock Albums

Faust - The Faust Tapes
The Krautrock version of Captain Beefheart's 'Trout Mask Replica'. This album was released as for a cheap price for 40p which is probably $5.75 cents in the United States when this album came out. This is more of a rehearsal or behind the scenes on what Faust were doing. This has tape machines going fucked up, Chainsawing Synthesizers, mellow humorotic ballads (Flashback Caruso), Punk Dentists and Foot Doctors who destruct the human body (Ja'i Mal Aux Dents), Love story in France (Chere Chambre), to be the one you're with in love (Stretch Out Time), and a lot of weird noises that will mess your mind really bad into the Arkham Asylum!

Amon Duul II - Phallus Dei
Following the break-up of the original Amon Duul after the release of their last album Paradieswärts Düül which I may be wrong with, Amon Duul II released their debut album in 1969 filled with an evil version of the Grateful Dead's style of 'Dark Star' with their 20-minute jam on the self-titled track 'Phallus Dei' (God's Penis) kind of a bizarre title on a sexual object on the body ain't it? This is a kickin' record with some weirdness to go along the mix including another favorite track I enjoy listening to 'Dem Guten, Schonen, Wahren', a crazy track of spaceual music and darkness of the bullhorn. If they made a horror movie in Transylvania almost Argento like, Amon Duul II would do the score with Phallus Dei!

Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation
Tangerine Dream's first album is one of the electric defying albums to have the original album featuring Klaus Schulze after he left TD to form germany's answer to the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ash Ra Tempel. Electronic Meditation is Germany's Krautrock ambient sound of Outer Space music that would have the Satellite System enjoy a total destruction of sonic atmospheric metal. 'Journey Through a Burning Brain' is almost like a sequel to Pink Floyd's instruemental landmark epic 'A Saucerful of Secrets'. The beginning is very similar to the Floyd's music. It starts off with flute mixed with Guitars and keyboards and then it becomes more of a Heavy Metal Freak Out!

Popol Vuh - Affenstunde
Already famous for working with german filmmaker Werner Herzong with Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Nosferatu, and Fitzcarraldo to name a few for their film scores. Popol Vuh's music was a combination of world music. Affenstunde is more of a spacey world music in the rainforest of the jungle with more Ambient than new age. This album has more of a South American electronic sound filled with wonder, mysteries of the abyss, and in the darker caves of the earth.

NEU! - NEU! 75
NEU! at their best with their third album NEU! 75. This album defintely shows the beginning of NEU's music situation with a softer and calmer side and more of a Sex Pistols meets Eno meets Bowie's Berlin trilogy period. The best tracks on this album are 'Isi', an mellower calmer taste, and 'Hero, the discontent heavy rocking punk version of a german's technique of Joy Division and The Cure. NEU! spaced it up to a new territory for David Bowie and Johnny Rotten to groove on to make some weird noises for the germans to get into.

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