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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amon Duul II - Vive La Trance

Krautrockers Amon Duul II sure bring madness into lunatic music and territories into the darkness. They always have an homage to the music of Frank Zappa, Avant-Garde atmospheric situations, and the jam band taste of the Grateful Dead mixed with Pink Floyd. That of course and their album Vive La Trance is one crazy and almost a lunatic schizophrenia album that will give you brain damage!
The album almost has a feel of Amon Duul II's roots in the blues, swinging folky violins, and science experiments going nuts. It's almost like cooking your favorite recipe and picking the best dish to put on your hot dog with a little bit of some Wienerschnitzel.
The group also pays tribute to some of the genres that were coming out during that time period of the 1970's and the '50s and '60s; The Buddy Holly meets Silver Apples tradition with 'Pig Man', the Roxy Music style crossing over with Can with 'Manana', The jazz-punky fusion tradition of 'Mozambique', The X-Rated break of the dawn with sex for a 'A Morning Excuse', and the eerie-darker symphony rock metal of 'Ladies Mimikry' that would have Morrissey would go apeshit over with.
This is pure excellence for Amon Duul II. They would have a good taste of insane Krautrock music to get you tasted for more of Amon Duul II's music.

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