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Monday, March 2, 2015

Lizards Exist - Lizards Exist

This up-and-coming quartet from Croatia have a touch of the Psychedelic, Krautrock, and Space Rock influences that makes it a sonic adventure into space and time. The name of the band is called Lizards Exist and this is their sole self-titled debut album that was released last year on their Bandcamp website. It is a combination between Ash Ra Tempel, Pink Floyd, Gong, Hansson & Karlsson, and Steven Wilson.

Recorded in March 2014 at Kramasonik Studio in Zagreb, these four compositions including one that clocks in at 17 minutes and 10 seconds, are filled with an adventure into the outer limits that will make you get ready for a session you will never forget to the end of time. The band considers; Boris Brozovic on Drums and Percussions, Sinisa Mraovic on Guitar, Roko Margeta on Keyboards and Synths, and Tihomir Zdjelarevic on Bass.

It is ambient, exhilarating, thrilling, swirling, jazzy, and mysterious at the same time that is in Lizards Exist’s music. It feels as if it was recorded in 1972 and the instruments that they use are analog vintage equipment that is pre-1976. You could tell that the moment you listen to Lizards Exist, its jaw dropping and trippy thanks to Margeta’s keyboard going into the infinite universes that carries the essence of the Atom Heart Mother and Meddle-era. Not to mention the two highlights from the album.

Ljenti hit begins with something straight out of a Steven Wilson solo album for an introduction from the Insurgentes sessions before it kicks into high gear and then going into minor chords in the style of David Gilmour and space rockers, Eloy combined into one. And then in comes Brozovic on the drums going in the styles of Ginger Baker creating some intense drum solo before setting into the cosmos for an organ and guitar climax at the end.

But it’s the 17-minute closer, Anunnaki Dance, that will make you get ready for an adventure back home to Earth. It has this late ‘60s psychedelic score for a sci-fi mystery film set in outer space to search for the missing clue and in the first half of the piece it captures the essence and the surrealism of the rhythm.

And then it goes into the touches again back to Eloy and Floyd as if they did a jam session together before going straight into the darker voyages of the milky way to give Margeta a chance to pay tribute to Richard Wright’s ambient/atmospheric spooky surroundings and it fits the vibe during the midsection. And then the rhythm section goes into a beat of almost 193 that is a shattering and increasing finale before everything calms down as the echoing guitar along with Tihomir’s Bass, and Margeta’s tribute to Hansson and Dave Stewart, (Egg/Arzachel) gives it a chilling ending.

I have listened to their sole self-titled debut album about twice now. And I have to say they are one of the most mind-blowing bands I’ve ever listened to. Lizards Exist are soon hopefully going to get the rocketship for a thrilling and mysterious ride you will never forget in the genre of Space and Progressive Rock by proving to pay tribute to the golden age of the era. So if you love the bands along with Eloy, Bo Hansson, Gong, Pink Floyd, and Arzachel to name a few, Lizards Exist is worth checking out.   

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