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Monday, September 1, 2014

Nicolas Waldo - Master of the Universe

Somewhere inside the halls of the Cathedrals, a Guitarist comes inside the room and brings magic and power with his various fret's going up and down by bringing virtuosity, symphonic, classical, and metal rolling up into a whole new different area like no other and giving the masters a surprising jaw-dropping unexpected ideas on what is going on. Colombian’s Guitarist Nicolas Waldo is one of the most surprising guitarists to come out and he’s released six full-length albums, including one demo album back in 2001, two EPs, and with different projects; Andros Duke, Vorpal Nomad, EVAinc, and a demo work with Zion.

And now with his new album released this year, Masters of the Universe on the Neoclassical, Hard Rock, and Prog Metal label, Lion Music, shows that he can take the genres of Power and Symphonic Metal can make it into a fantasy adventure of swords and sorcery, and science-fiction rolled up into one as if he was writing a score for the comics, Red Sonja. And his guitar is off the wall going into the different areas of those two genres including classical and flamenco turned metallic roar on the last track, Multiverse, and given a relaxation to calm down on the eight track homage to Johann Sebastian Bach's Bouree on with a medieval touch, Prince of Peace.

Throughout all of the eight mind-blowing compositions, he has this excellent combinations of; Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Angel Witch’s Kevin Heybourn, and Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray rolled up into one and it works because what Nicolas is doing is taking them into one jolt of electricity and runs with it to see where the jolt is going to take him. The music is very fast and very out of this world and it’s almost like something straight out of an action-adventure film with explosives and amazing effects from outer space.

This is my 9th time listening to Masters of the Universe and Waldo himself doesn’t need all the ingredients, but he, drummer Miguel Rodriguez and guests musicians Mistheria (who worked with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and the voice of Melodic Metal, Rob Rock) on keyboards and guitarist Francesco Fareri (Virtual Mind), shown that they can take music to a fast-driven and exhilarating roller-coaster ride like you’ve never expect to go an amazing adventure that you’ve never dreamed of. Enjoy the sounds and buckle your seatbelts for a rocket ship adventure of the energetic roaring guitar virtuoso sounds of Nicolas Waldo.

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