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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Disasterhate - Mirroring the Abyss

When you have the sounds of Melodic, Death, and Thrash Metal as if it was in a giant blender creating an eruptive explosion, you know something brilliant and extreme is about to happen for this up-and-coming quartet from the east coast of Sicily, Catania, is a band that is going to bring the doors down with a heavy bulldozer. That band is called Disasterhate. They have been around nine years ago and receiving word of mouth the Sicilian Metal scene by working on their EP back in 2007 called, Sacrifice to Eclipse.

And now this year, they have unleashed the beast to rein terror with their debut album from the Club Inferno label called, Mirroring the Abyss. The band features three females and one male and that is a perfect combination as they bringing the ammunition with their instruments with a rapid express train going into a mode of attack and you can imagine no one is stopping them. There is the soft and growling/screeching voice in which it is at time referred to the Beauty and the Beast or Cookie Monster vocals and one of the vocalists does an amazing job doing that.

At times the vocals reminded me of both Mikael Akerfeldt and Phil Anselmo rolled into one. Which is evidential on the first three tracks; Me = Android, the calming turned nightmarish Desecrated Sink Reality and Shining Black Mirror. The guitars have a pummeling rhythm and chords that come at you out of nowhere with a head banging quality and for a quick second the bass does a quick little solo before getting back into the rhythm as the drums going into a measure of 153 beats per minute going extremely fast by carrying the homage of Pantera, Mastodon, and The Dillinger Escape Plan thrown in there.

On Blank, Disasterhate takes a break from their growling vocalizations into softer and tender yet heavy ¾ time signature on the first minute and thirty-six seconds and then its vocals and guitar coming in for the finale before going back into full gear. The band give us, the listener, a real journey of not just terror, but real maximum and radical deep ideas they bring into the table for their debut.

The track The Abyss, has this doomy introduction between guitar and drums with a homage to the Lateralus-era by Tool before they go into the car of severe and penetrating momentum and not to mention the spoken vocals for a minute before the growling voices come swarming back in along with In a Rarefied Morning Sun and also the last four tracks to give us the energy and electric juice they have in their power to give us more right into the very end. You can imagine them recording one of their compositions for doing a score of the return of the resurrection of the Giallo horror films and giving the audience a real treat on what is about to come next. 

Disasterhate’s music is not easy to get into. Now does it say they are the greatest up-and-coming bands ever? No, but they have a lot of capability in their music and the vision in them. I imagine they might have a great future up ahead for them of giving the audience in Metal Festivals in Europe and Italy as well, by giving them a knockout performance like no other and Mirroring the Abyss is an album that will keep you ready for where they are going to next and seeing what the journey will lead them into.

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