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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Security Project - Live 2

When it comes to tribute bands, sometimes they do right and sometimes they do wrong in honor of the legacy of artists/bands to cover their glory days. And some of them do right and avoiding the quote-on-quote term, “tribute bands.” The ones I enjoyed includes; The Musical Box, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Zappa Plays Zappa, and now adding to the list is Security Project.

I’ve been an admirer of the Peter Gabriel-era of Genesis and his departure on a successful solo career with the first four albums and the live album, Plays Live. Peter, now inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame both with Genesis and as a solo artist, there is no stop sign for him. When listening to Security Project’s music which covers that time period including other gems, it’s honoring and staying true to the vision of Gabriel’s music from his earlier solo work including other related gems alongside the first five solo albums.

It wasn’t until I received a package in the mail by Glass Onyon of Live 2. And when I opened up the package, I knew something magical was in this live recording when I put the CD on my old portable CD player. And believe me, I was spellbound and hypnotize of Live 2.

It features some of the members of King Crimson, Shriekback, and original band members who worked with Gabriel to bring the early solo career into the spotlight. In this live recording, it considers Jerry Marotta (First four Peter Gabriel albums) on Drums, Percussion, and Vocals, Trey Gunn (King Crimson) on Touch Guitar and Vocals, Brian Cummins (Carpet Crawlers) on Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, David Jameson on Keyboards and Eigenharp, and Michael Cozzi (Shriekback) on Guitar and Vocals.

Cummins’ vocals shines in his following in the footsteps of Gabriel’s arrangements. It shows power and emotions which is evidential on the acoustical letter to the styles of poet Anne Sexton that gives shivers on his take with his acoustic guitar on Mercy Street. Jameson’s keyboards help through the emotions and terror with a sliding effect and moogy terrors between Wallflower and Moribund the Burgermeister. Which are amazing compositions that I wish Peter would bring Moribund back to his performances.

But here, Security Project deliver it and you can imagine the audiences being in awe and in tears of these amazing arrangements to honor Gabriel’s solo work. The lifting music brings up to the cloudless skies of their take of White Shadow. The heavy guitars and I can imagine listening on here the crowd is mesmerized not just the guitar improvisations, but nailing each bit of the composition bit by bit.

They also bring back two of the Genesis songs from his last album with the group of the 1974 concept album, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Including the title-track and the floating adventures into bizarre world of the spiritual adventures of the inner-self with Fly on a Windshield. It’s not just his solo work, but his work with Genesis still carries a mighty punch and Cummins delivers it right followed by the background vocals and showing the audience support to sing along.

This was for me one of the best live albums I’ve listened to from Security Project. I’ve listened to this ten times now. They are still on tour with Happy Rhodes taking over vocal duties and they are touring from October 21st to November 4th. So please go and see this band. I just hope one day they come to Texas. And I would love to have the chance to see them one day. If you love The Musical Box, then I highly recommend exploring the wonders of Security Project and their second live album, Live 2. 

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