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Friday, October 14, 2016

InterStatic - Arise

It’s another continuation of digging through the label of what is now one of my favorite labels; RareNoise Records. This time, it’s a trio from Norway entitled, InterStatic. Launched by Naked Truth’s Organist Roy Powell, it considers Jacob Young on Electric Guitar, and Jarle Vespestad on Drums. They have this love for music between Jazz, Blues, Avant-Rock, and Psychedelic Music and following in the steps of Zappa, Miles Davis, and Tony Williams’ Lifetime.

Originally known as Young, Powell, Vespestad, they have two albums in the can. And they released their third album in 2014 entitled Arise. When I put the CD on last on my old portable CD player, I was completely in awe from what I listening to. Not just they are so damn good, but the way they communicate between each other. I’m very new to the band’s music, here they delivered sonic surroundings, energetic mastery, and unexpected moments.

Those five enduring moments are some of the highlights throughout Arise. You have this amazing adventure of Caerbannog which is a reference to the 1975 comedy classic of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where it’s named after a cave protected by the killer rabbit. Mind you, not just the Python’s have a great sense of humor, so does InterStatic. With a swirling synthesized moog improvisation and a kicking drum section, Jacob’s train chugging guitars is a workout done in the mind of Hedvig Mollestad.

Frank’ll Fix It is Powel’s dedication to the late great tribute of the Grand Wazoo himself, Frank Zappa. I love how Jacob is going through the styles and virtuosity sections of Zappa’s mastermind playing. It’s a staggering tribute to not just his music, but knowing his legacy is growing strong and seeing where his influences will keep going for many years to come. But the track itself is in an homage to the styles of the Apostrophe (‘) album.

The opening track, Douzy Mugwump Blues makes you feel you are in the ghost-town of the Louisiana swamps and you could almost feel a pin drop by heading towards of watching the full moon while Alexa sees Powell delving deeper into the woods as he and Jacob deliver spooky rhythmic sections and melodies between each other with some wah-wah effects a-la Hansson and Karlsson style!

Jacob is another guitarist I’ve been getting a kick out of. It’s not because of his playing but the way he comes center stage between Roy and Jarle. He takes the influences of Classical and Jazz melodies are in full swing by taking turns between the three of them on Alpha Dog. InterStatic do in the styles of musical chairs as Jarle takes over the stage with his drumming. He plays an insane style of a swinging rhythm. He’s like a conductor on the kit as he lets them know when it’s time to take turns. But they can play well and give you a big round of applause.

Arise is a fierce, strengthening, and an immense album that InterStatic release. I knew right there that this is a band I need to check out later on. And RareNoise have never, ever disappointed me with their releases. They are up there along with MoonJune, Esoteric, and Cuneiform Records. So if you love Jazz Rock, Psych, Blues, and a dosage of Progressive music, then check out InterStatic’s Arise.

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