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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Receiver - All Burn

Formed ten years ago in their hometown in Ohio, The Receiver are a duo of the Cooper brothers considering Casey on Keyboards, Bass, and Vocals. Along with Jesse on Drums and Vocals. They have released so far two albums (Decades & Length of Arms). And this year, they have released their new album entitled All Burn which is released on the Kscope label. When I first heard this, I knew something special and moving had come across my ears the moment I put on their third album from start to finish.

It’s a flavor between the sounds of Indie and Dream Pop followed by the Progressive sounds that blends in very well between the three genres. Both Jesse and Casey have done a spectacular job on here as they are following in the footsteps from the sounds of: Pink Floyd, Dungen, Sigur Ros, and Radiohead with an electronic vibration that will make you amazed and in awe on what you will expect from the moment you put on All Burn.

Songs like the mellow and poignant April Blades and the opening track Drift, sees The Receiver going into a mourning/cavernous sounds that shows them going into the wonders of This Mortal Coil. But it has a Beatle-sque arrangement in the styles of the Abbey Road sessions as if they had recorded it in the early ‘80s with an ascending groove. To Battle an Island starts off at first an homage to the sounds of the Video Game music you would hear as a kid back in the old Nintendo-era to have a futuristic beginning before it relaxes and then into high gear with a compelling beat that makes it not just an unexpected moment, but the way the brothers do it right in a Floyd-like melody.

Since I’ve mentioned about the Floyd, the influence is still there. And The Receiver brings it to a sweet and emotional dreamy-pop combination as if both the Floyd and the OK Computer-era of Radiohead had worked together to create a spellbinding yet elegant composition for Dark Matter while the title track brings a futuristic taste as the brothers go into a pleasant drive into the sunset for a sonic texture journey.

I have listened to All Burn about eight times now. And The Receiver have brought a lot of hope and ideas into their music and seeing where they will go into next. While this is an introduction for me of discovering their music this year, I hope to look into their previous catalog. Kscope have brought something special, hypnotic, electronic, and symphonic pop that will capture the Indie, Dream, and Progressive-Pop to a different level. 

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