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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prog Rock Deep Cuts with Ian Beabout

Ian Beabout and his co-host Mike Lieto are almost this combination between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson when it comes to Progressive Rock. Ian started out as a DJ back in High School, College and fitting the music in about 15 minutes to play the music whenever he wanted to play. Back in 2013, his break came when he hosted his own radio shown online at entitled, Prog Rock Deep Cuts. And Beabout shows no sign of stopping.

From the realms as a kid growing up listening to Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum and diving into the swimming pool of the essence of the grand wazoo of Frank Zappa. And he followed by the genres, bands/artists such as: Anglagard, Steven Wilson, Necromonkey, Kate Bush, Egg, the Canterbury Scene, RIO (Rock in Opposition), and a little dosage of RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano), he knows his stuff very well.

But he and Lieto are masters when it comes to playing the music. They would buy the album and talk about how they discover the band/artist and how they grew with them. Since listening to the show every Thursday evening at 6:00pm (CST) on the old site and now on House of Prog (, I am blown away by both Ian and Mike have made my wish list bigger each time they would play both the old and the new Prog bands that would peak my cups of coffee.

Whether it is Univers Zero, Trojan Horse, Mirodor, Present, or Magma, they know the scores very well. They always search for hidden and new treasures to search upon the sea and finding gems to have listeners be blown out of their minds and expect the unexpected. And they have always keep the flames of the Prog genre flowing for years and years to come.

Symphonic, RIO, Wacky, Intense, and breathtaking music, Ian and Mike show a lot of courage and hope for the younger generation on where the future of Prog Rock will go into next.

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