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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Crest of Darkness - Evil Messiah

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Crest of Darkness’ career since their formation in Norway from day one and there is no stop sign for them in the genre of Black and Extreme Metal. Their music is like a flaming fire ready to rein attack and igniting the explosion for the right moment at the right time that shows they really worked hard and with their EP, Evil Messiah, is the trio’s idea with intense lyrics, snarling vocals, guitars, and drums.

The opening title track starts things off with a bang. It is a beat per minute going at 128 as the percussion's go into a throttling mode along with the guitars and vocals by going into a driving, aggressive, and powerful mode that is ready for the attack to happen followed by an organ/synths and a whirling guitar solo as the messiah is giving his sermon and he can take it up a notch.

But it’s Armageddon in where Crest of Darkness going at the fast-driven beats in a ramming speed at 196 and you could tell that there is not a single stop sign for them to be at and you could tell from their instruments, that it is thrashing and throttling for the headbangers to get into the sound. And then they are back into the throttling beat with Abandoned by God.

This time it’s they are back into the feat of strength of thrash and speed like a bullet train and its enthralling yet riveting of the trio along with the keyboards giving it a sinister awakening like an alarming section for something to happen. And the solo from the guitar on the lead and rhythm as the drums themselves go into a double time beat for the last minute.

The closing track is their take of Alice Cooper’s Sick Things. It has this theatrical vibe as you can imagine almost a darker scenery of a thunderstorm and inside the castle, we see the master sitting on the throne singing in a dark and a snarling tone on what this person does as the guitar solo at the last few minutes giving it the electrifying finale as the keyboards come in to give it that last climax on the strings.

Now again, I’m not a huge fan of the Extreme/Black Metal genre, but I do respect the genre and they know the score very well. The Evil Messiah EP is terrifying that will give you goosebumps, but it is an immense and strong EP that Crest of Darkness released this year and for me, again, they have come a long way and their sound is like the raging beast is ready to rein attack on a town to a terrified crowd. 

I have listened to three times now and Crest of Darkness are now one of my favorite Metal bands and they have brought the sounds of the evil, sinister, and darker touches of Black/Extreme Metal that is ready to see what is next for them in the future to see where they would go into.

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