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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Twenty Committee - A Lifeblood Psalm

Since assembling back in 2012, The Twenty Committee are an up and coming band that have a theatrical presence in their music in which keyboardist and vocalist, Geoffrey Langley previously wrote to capture the effects and the vibe of the beauty and the symphonic structures as well. Alongside Langley, the band considers; Justin Carlton on Guitar, Steve Kostas on Lead Guitar, Richmond Carlton on Bass and Harp, and Joe Henderson on Drums and Vocals.

Geoffrey had the pleasure of meeting Neal Morse (Transatlantic, Flying Colors, Spock’s Beard) who launched the “Chance of a Lifetime” series on YouTube and played him some of his compositions in which he knew that he had something up his sleeves and soon the band went down to Nashville to record their debut album, A Lifeblood Psalm. Recorded in only two weeks at Radiant Studios and produced by Jerry Guidroz, it is one of the most compelling yet exuberating debut album they’ve unleashed last year.

The album begins with Introduction as the various speakers having a chat before the piano, guitar and strings as Geoffrey’s voice comes in to get you ready for an amazing journey that you will soon enjoy from beginning, middle, and end as it segues into How Wonderful. It has some wonderful chorus, well-written melodies that is a warmth relaxation of a dancing waltz in ¾ time as the midsection features a wonderful guitar solo, cool piano chord changes, drum patterns that has a flying atmosphere along with the vocals as well.

Her Voice, has a catchy yet fast up tempo time signature that has a driven guitar line, Fender Rhodes as Steve Kostas goes into town with his guitar work as if he is paying tribute to Frank Zappa and John McLaughlin with some feedback and going into a haywire mode on his instrument as the instruments go clashing together as he just goes beyond the frets to create the tension in the middle part with a spaced out feel. And then, it’s back into the Fusion feel before Geoff does this breathtaking organ solo with the Yes and Genesis feel as if they used this for the sessions to Close to the Edge and A Trick of the Tail for a thunderous yet lukewarm finale.

Airtight begins with an gentle sunrise arpeggiated guitar opener as it goes into this folky feel as the band have a chance to take a break from the electric sound into a more wonderous uplifting relaxation and not to mention a swinging feel before they head back into the 5-part epic, The Knowledge Enterprise. The Overture starts off with a piano concerto for the first 30 seconds as the swirling synths, brass, guitar lines comes in handy along with some heavier rocking voyages with power riffs and a crazy synth solo before heading back into the symphonic work-out exercise.

Conceivers and Deceivers has the beautiful melodies in the previous track on the second composition and almost done in the style of Rush’s Red Barchetta, but it has a wonderful orchestral feel to it while Tonight has a comforting ballad that gives the listener a chance to understand how amazing the Twenty Committee can give you a calming and emotional touch on their songs and instrumental before getting the batteries all charged up and ready to go on the exploration With These Eyes. The closing, Finale, is synths and guitars having a blast along with the piano for the climatic climax with a wonderful roaring ending and Geoff’s concerto to give that jolt of an warming ending.

The Twenty Committee is a band that is worth listening to. And I have listened to A Lifeblood Psalm about eight times now and they have finally come into full circle and this is an album worth checking out that is recorded brilliantly. The road is a long road to walk through, but they are going to make it to the top of the Mountain one way or another.

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