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Friday, July 7, 2017

Top 20 Albums So Far and the Update

To everyone, I deeply apologize for being in shutdown mode due to family emergencies. My family is more important right now. I will be back, I just don't know when. It will be either late July or in August of when I will come back. But it's been rough for me since of what's been going on. Again, I.Will.Be.Back. It will probably be in August when I'll come back to review. Again, I'm deeply sorry for the long delays.

I will be back on the review train, when I'm ready. I just have to find when the time's right. But, as I've mentioned, Family comes first. Anyway, here's my top 20 albums so far of 2017. I know it's early before December's top 30 albums of 2017, but here's my picks of the top 20 albums so far of 2017.

1. Schooltree – Heterotopia (Self-Released)
2. Bent Knee – Land Animal (InsideOut)
3. White Willow – Future Hopes (Laser’s Edge)
4. EchoTest – From Two Balconies (Self-Released)
5. Magenta – We Are Legend (Tigermoth Productions)
6. Gentle Knife – Clock Unwound (Bajkal Records)
7. Galley Beggar – Heathen Hymns (Rise Above Records)
8. Richard Barbieri – Planets + Persona (Kscope)
9. Tohpati Bertiga – Faces (deMajors Records)
10. Ayreon – The Source (Mascot Label Group)
11. Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis – The Stone House (MoonJune Records)
12. Led Bib – Umbrella Weather (RareNoise Records)
13. Blackfield – Blackfield V (Kscope)
14. Kevin Kastning – A Connection of Secrets (Greydisc)
15. Bullet Height – No Atonement (Superball Music)
16. Cheer-Accident – Putting Off Death (Cuneiform)
17. il Tempio Delle Clessidre – il-Ludere (Black Widow Records)
18. Hedersleben – Orbit (Purple Pyramid)
19. Pixie Ninja – Ultrasound (Apollon Records) 
20. Ides of Gemini – Women (Rise Above Records) 


Drew Fisher said...

Nice list! A few I haven't heard yet, so, thanks!

Have you heard:
Tree Tops' "Ghost Don't Dance with Shoes" or
Weserbergland's "Sehr Kosmish Ganz Progisch" or
Kant Freud Kafka's "OnĂ­rico" or
Anathema's "The Optimist" or
Cast's "Power and Outcome" or
Seas of Mirth's "Hark! The Headland Approacheth"

These are some of my 2017 Top 20 (so far) that aren't on your list.

znathanson said...

I've only heard Cast's Power and Outcome which is very good. Anathema's The Optimist didn't grab me. I haven't heard the others. including Tree Tops, Wesebergland, Kant Freud, or Seas of Mirth.