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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Light Freedom Revival - Eterniverse Déjà Vu

Progressive Rock ensemble band Light Freedom Revival have released their debut album entitled, Eterniverse Déjà Vu. It’s more than just a project, but the who’s who on here including  Canadian singer-songwriter John Vehadija, who has assembled this amazing line-up including; Eric Gillette (The Neal Morse Band) on Lead Guitar, Oliver Wakeman (Yes) on Keyboards, Marisa Frantz on Harmony Vocals, and Billy Sherwood (Yes, Asia) on Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Keyboards. Not to mention the mind-blowing album artwork by Ed Unitsky. When you have this ensemble put together, you know something will take you beyond the travelling extensive universe.

What Vehadija wanted to do is create a bigger sound by going through the consciousness and positive energy shape of all of our future destinies as we look through the future and how we would like to experience. The Earth is evolving by this gigantic space crystal of the city of light called, Avatar. It represents the point of focus for the entire Light Creation with a sealed cornucopian light society template.

It’s a great brainstorm for John to do. And believe me, it really does work. Now I’m not a gigantic Melodic Rock person, but listening to this debut, I have to say, I was very impressed of the centerpieces throughout the entire album. Where Worlds Fail is a melodic prog-rock composition featuring the blending vocals between John and Marisa while Billy’s bass adds in the textures along with his drum patterns.

He’s not all over the place, but he is very relaxed and following towards the skies between both the vocalists. And Dream and Dream Again is a 4/4 time signature haunting ballad composition with Oliver Wakeman’s mysterious keyboards to bring this dreamy atmosphere before Gillette brings the peaceful touches on his guitar both in the style of clean and bluesey in a 3/4 waltz rock on Form Hope.

The title-track has this vibe of the early ‘80s AOR tempo as the lyrics bring to the mind of the sessions of Asia’s sole self-titled debut album sessions done in the style of the late great John Wetton. It’s not just following in his footsteps, but to honor his legacy while They Fit You In features some dazzling hard rock symphonic synths and riffs on the views of hell.

The lyrics deal with while you are welcome in the pits of the flaming scenario, but it’s also the damaged you have caused and being your own worst enemy. Sherwood is spot on along with Eric to help Vehadija out. This here is a great debut from John Vehadija’s Progressive Ensemble band. I hope he will continue to do more for the Light Freedom Revival. 

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