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Monday, February 6, 2017

Horisont - About Time

Horisont are one of the most amazing bands I’ve listened to. Since forming 11 years ago in their hometown in Sweden and with four albums in the can, the quintet bring the essence of Hard Rock and Progressive influences right into the bone. When it was announced last year that they were signed to a new label with Century Media Records, I knew right away I couldn’t wait what they would do next since I was blown away by their previous album, Odyssey. This year, they’ve released their fifth album entitled, About Time.

It is a sci-fi adventure into time with Space, Metal, and Prog textures with the ‘70s rocking voyage to hurtle through the outer limits. And while the cover resembles between EC Comics of Weird Fantasy, Weird Science, and Tales from the Crypt along with magazine sci-fi covers from the 1950s, it quite obvious they know their inspirations when it comes to be launched inside the ship and getting ready for take-off.

I’ve always wanted to check out Horisont’s music for a good, good while since they were on Lee Dorrian’s label Rise Above Records during that time frame and I forgotten about them until three years ago I bought Odyssey and then I was completely hooked. About Time can do no wrong in my book and it takes on a whole other level with a brilliant and light-speed alchemy space-metal-prog voyage and it is fucking amazing!

Horisont’s music is never retro, nor nostalgic, they have their own sound and they want to honor and stay true to their roots and they are a band I’ve waited for many years to delve into my entire life. And the six highlights on the album prove that they are waiting for the listener (meaning you) to embark on a travelling journey through time, space, and parallel universes.

Point of Return features powerful riffs, galloping mid-tempo waltzes in the rhythm and not to mention an eruptive sound at times in the introduction and in the song that gives them a brilliant take of Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies-era as it segues into Boston Gold. With its AOR and Prog-Rock vibes, the vocals and sound bring the vibe of the mid-1970s.

Epic roaring guitars and the story featuring the synths going around the piece deals with the story of the enemy coming for your life and trying to survive. On Hungry Love, the vocals bring to mind of a young Rob Halford hitting those high notes as Moogy mid-sections and lead improvisations hurl through the cosmic insanity while Letare which is sung in Swedish, stands on its own.

Electrical which I hope is going to be a live favorite, stands out as one of the highpoints. You have the lyrics set in a cyber-futuristic world as the sound becomes a revving, mid-tempo, and militant driving force followed by some kick-ass drum work. I have to say, they got it down on a piece of paper and know exactly where they will go.

The closing title track, has these bluesy, soothing, and haunting track as we head back into the time machine to be ready to head back home. You have the Bass, Electric Piano, Drums, and major and minor chords it is a space-rock surrounding voyage to set course for home as we hear the radio serial of Escape recorded on October 22, 1950 of their take of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine which starred John Dehner and Lawrence Dobkin. The music near the end syncs well to add the tension in the sequence as the machine is ready to head into 100,000,80 A.D.

I had an amazing blast listening to Horisont’s new album. The new album is an adventure worth checking out and you will not be disappointed. They are bringing real good music back to the core on how it’s supposed to sound and it has my stamp of approval. Prepare for the journey with Horisont’s About Time.

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