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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Huminoita - All is Two

It’s hard to describe about Huminoita’s music. They are a group from Finland that for me, in my opinion, combine the essence of Progressive Rock, Post-Rock, Stoner Rock, Space Rock, and Doom Metal rolled into one gigantic hot and spicy burrito with a dosage of wasabi and Tabasco sauce. This is their second album released on the label, Luova Records which is a follow up to their 2010 sole self-titled debut album. Now I’m new to the band’s music, but I have to say, the moment I put the album on my little portable CD player, I knew something magical and mysterious was about to happen.

It is ominous, atmospheric, and shattering. Almost as if you are looking through a crystal ball and exploring that have eruptive power. There are vocalizations featuring some Jazzy blues into the mix as if it was recorded in 1973 that reminisces of early Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel, Jimi Hendrix, and the Houses of the Holy-era of Led Zeppelin. The band considers; Ville Makarainen on Guitar, Flutes, and Vocals, Timo Keranen on Guitar and Percussion, Ville Makinen on Bass, Jonne Ketola on Drums, and Matti Solo on Sax, Keyboards, and Synthesizers. And not to mention that include additional members Laura Lehtola on Vocals, and Oula Karppinen on Sax and Trumpet.

Opener, The Sheriff is a chilling introduction. Echoing guitar structure with a wind-blowing atmosphere that is a darker vibration as if you could feel a pin drop as you walk into a ghost town as if something went horribly wrong. There’s a spaghetti western score to it as if both Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin had worked together with Sergio Leone to create that sound for a continuation of The Man with No Name.

Hymn 23 is a touch of the John Paul Jones-sque electric piano going through a leslie speaker. The band give each other free-rein on the vocalizations that reminded me at times of Diagonal’s The Second Mechanism-era which is very awe-inspiring while Goliath has fuzz-tone Bass riffs, hyper driving into outer space as both Ville and Timo channel Manuel Gottsching with thundering blasts into the sky.

But then they create a chance for a calming movement but with asceding roars as if the beast to let out with The Pilgrim. At first it starts off very relaxed with a jazzy rhythm between flute and sax and then moving into a blaring yet sooth finale as if John Coltrane had teamed up with King Crimson and Radiohead with a psychedelic-twist. The 10-minute and 43 second epic, King of Hearts is where it comes full circle.

Pounding-train guitar rhythm section that strikingly resembles Space/Post-Rock with a Doom Metal combination of Black Sabbath meets Hawkwind that features different movements with exciting thrills with petrifying results. The closer, Hymn 24 features mellowing bluesy guitars with a subduing rhythm score as if it was set during a dystopian post-apocalyptic world with a haunting end.

My eye-brows went up from the moment I’ve listened to their music on their bandcamp site and just hearing those sounds, just took me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to hear more of the band’s music and what they might have in store next for the next years to come. 

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