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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Purson - In The Meantime

One of the band that have completely blown me away three years ago, is a group called Purson. Now Purson has been around since forming in 2011 by Rosalie Cunningham and with the release of their debut album The Circle and the Blue Door on the Rise Above Records label back in 2013.

I remember hearing their music in a Classic Rock Magazine CD sampler which was a compilation of Lee Dorrian’s Rise Above Records label entitled Poisoned Apples: A Rise Above Records sampler and when I heard their music I knew this was a band I needed to check out.

They are one of the best psychedelic-progressive rock bands to come out of London and they really capture the essence of the genre. Last year, they released a new EP entitled, In the Meantime on the Machine Elf Records label. And this another crowning achievement from the band and they are planning to go on tour with Ghost as an opening act in which it’s called the Black to the Future tour.

But let’s get to the EP. Opener, Death’s Kiss resembles the British Psychedelic-Folk Rock sounds of the late ‘60s as if Steeleye Span were a gothic acid folk band with a dosage of a Beatle-sque sound as Rosalie sings “Out of the frying pan and into the fire/swimming against the tide and sinking into the mire.” You have to admit, those are excellent lyrics to start the EP off with a cannonball going off at the right moment.

The thumping percussions, mellotron swarms, vocalizations, stomping beats, it is soon going to become a live favorite of their music. The blistering Organ and Guitars come right behind you with a dosage of Sabbath meets Blues Magoos meets early Floyd on the Danse Macabre.

The Guitars nails the Iommi sounds thrown into the mix with a ‘70s Doom Metal approach which I really adore right here and Rosalie’s voice just sends chills down the spine while the hypnotic bluesy punch gives it a vibration of Purson doing a score for one of the Spaghetti Westerns in the late ‘60s of filmmaker Sergio Leone and the criminal on the run for the Wanted Man.

The last 2-minutes is a climatic guitar structure between the riffs and lead that will have your jaws dropped and back into the heartfelt blues to close it off. The closer, I Will Be Good, is an ominous chiller just in time to get ready for Halloween. It has a psychedelic surfing rhythm that I could imagine the essences of The Ventures, Julian’s Treatment, and the Master of Reality-era of Black Sabbath that seems like an odd and interesting combination, but it works very well.

I really had a blast listening to their new EP and they can do no wrong for me. Psychedelic, Prog, Doom Metal thrives well for what to expect underneath the cavernous caves. Purson show no signs of stopping.

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