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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Citizen - Curtain Call

The Citizen is an Alternative Rock band that have been around since forming nine years ago in Italy by the Amoroso brothers. Both Ace (Ciro) and Franco have a passionate love for the bands such as Pink Floyd, Muse, and Radiohead to name a few. So when I first heard their debut album this year entitled, Citizen Call released on the My Kingdom Music label, I knew something wonderful has landed in my musical ears.

I have to say that I’m very impressed of what this up-and-coming band have brought here. They are not just carrying the sounds of the three bands I’ve mentioned and the Alternative sound in their music, but more of a melodic side that the quartet have in their hearts and souls they bring into the table. Alongside the Amoroso brothers in which Ace sings and plays guitar and synths as Franco plays Bass and does backing vocals, it also considers; Noam Radetich on Lead Guitar and Keyboards, and Roberto Coscia on Drums and Percussion.

It starts off with an Intro as it has this futuristic quality to it the resembles the later Floyd and Rush’s Roll the Bones-era featuring spoken words as it segues into the riveting alternative punk-rock adventure to start it off with a bang for the System Zero. Between Ace and Noam, it’s a spellbinding combination from rhythm and lead as Ace nails his vocals well that you might know that something wonderful is coming through the flaming fire.

Panic Attack starts with a melodic ballad for the first 2 minutes and 54 seconds and then it kicks off into an ascending gear with energetic tones thanks to the sounds of the Sonic forces from Noam’s guitar that resembles the essences of Muse while the title track goes through very beautiful gentle harmonic tones through the vocals by Ace and the clean guitar lines that go with it. Relax is a touching yet lukewarm and uplifting composition.

It has a lot of romantic touches from Ace’s voice and then it increases the melody to a positive yet thunderous energy from Roberto’s drum section that gives it a thumping beat as the guitar goes into the heavens and makes it perfect. Something Left is a wonderful combination between ballad and more of the sounds of the alternative rock genre.

Starts off with a piano ballad that is very calming for the first two minutes. And then it changes into the essences of Radiohead’s Pablo Honey-era that is brilliant and a homage to their inspiration of The Curtain’s roots in their music. This Time is a waltz-ballad featuring Roberto doing a militant drum rhythm on his kit. But the rhythm itself, is a wonder of section from increase sections of Guitar improvisations followed by a Bluesy and Floyd-sque sound.

More of the sonic touches are back in full swing on You and I. Between the lead and rhythm section from Ace and Noam, the vocals just hits you beautifully in a powerful tone that you almost couldn’t let go of their debut, because Ace’s voice is magnificently shining brightly through the entire composition and the album itself. Noam also goes through the various lead work.

And with it’s lukewarm romantic ballad in the swing, it’s a touch to the essence of Wilco as The Way You Change is an enthusiastic track. With exhilarating rhythms from the quartet, it is a strong and provocative compassion from The Citizen that almost makes your scream out for more and how they will think of next. The album closes with Outro. It has an atmospheric finale and then it ascends into a feedback vibration from the guitars to close the curtain off with a haunting climatic end.

I really had an amazing blast listening to The Citizen’s Curtain Call. Even though I’m not crazy about Alternative Rock so much, this is a band, a real excellent band that are hopefully going to be the next big thing one of these days in the near future. My Kingdom Music has scored another home run for me in the essence of both Metal and Alternative Rock, and The Citizen’s debut album is knockout exploration to check out. 

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