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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Opposite Day - Space Race Taste Part 2

For me, this is going to be the “Holy Crap!” momentum when I first heard it. Opposite Day are a trio from Austin, Texas and they have been around for 14 years and this was a revelation when I listened to their music on their website and knowing right away I was completely jaw dropped the moment I listened to it. Math, Prog, Pop, Punk, and Alternative, it is everything in the gigantic pudding for them.

The group have done alternate soundtrack scores for the original 1982 Disney cult classic Tron and covering Madonna’s glory years in the ‘80s. Not to mention the intense signatures and rhythmic patterns that will make you say “What was that?! What did they just do all of a sudden?!” The trio considers; Sam Arnold on Lead Vocals, Guitar, Greg Yancey on Bass Guitar and Vocals, and Pat Kennedy on Drums, Octopad, and Percussion.

Their new album entitled Space Race Taste Part 2 is a balls to the wall knockout experience. It’s a mixture between Knifeworld, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Cardiacs, and Faith No More into a big yet gigantic hot and spicy tabasco burrito that will make your mouth on fire for more. Futuristic, mind-blowing, captivating, and in your face, Opposite Day brought the four elements into an energetic yet unexpected glory.

I could tell Sam is following in the footsteps of Tim Smith, Adrian Belew, and Mike Patton as if they are watching him and being in awe and knowing that he has accomplished very well to bring the powers and the glory of Opposite Day’s inspirations. Not only Sam’s guitar playing is phenomenal and playing both in rhythm and lead, but Greg’s bass, and Pat’s drumming give it the jump to light speed and seeing where the Falcon is going to take them next into the solar systems they would leap into.

Yet the unexpected momentum are well-written and the capabilities are vital and dynamic. But with ascending beauty. This is so far, my tenth time listening to Opposite Day’s Space Race Taste Part 2. And I’m completely hooked after enjoying another ride on their amazing Millennium Falcon in which I bet Han Solo gave it to them and see where the music and fantastic voyages they would go into would surprise a lot of the up-and-coming bands to see how they did it.

The torches for the bands along with Zappa and Mr. Bungle have now been carried in Sam’s, Greg’s and Pat’s to make sure the flaming fire will keep going to see where the journey will take them into next. So if you like me, love twisted signatures, math-prog-punk-pop, and almost a dosage of MoeTar to go with it, and the true essence of the concept storyline on a travelling adventure to see what the other planets taste like, then enjoy the ride of Opposite Day’s music. You won’t be disappointed!  

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