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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Corvus Stone - Unscrewed

Corvus Stone’s music never disappoints me. Whenever they would come up with something thanks to the releases of the first two albums, you never know what to expect from them. This year, they are back with a follow-up to their second album entitled, Unscrewed. On here, it’s almost a trip down memory lane for them to revisit some of the old tracks and give it a real jolt in the remixing and revamp momentum for the group to see where this would take them.

And for me, this is a real treat. Early Morning Calls which was originally as an instrumental track on their second album, is now filled with vocals thanks to the arrangements done by Sean Filkins and Phil Naro. And the two of them together, add wonders and ascending amazement beauty to take the listener on a magic carpet ride to carry the spirit of Yes.
Joukahainen without Chips is folk and hard rock momentum. Colin is paying tribute to the sounds of Steve Hackett and Brian May on his guitar playing. And it almost reminded me of something that Queen could have used during the sessions for the second album (Queen II). Tragic, emotional, and dramatic, Colin brings a shining and exuberant momentum throughout the improvisation that will have jaws dropping at the right moment.
Opener, Brand New Day, shows Colin at this best followed by Pasi’s keyboards and Robert Wolff’s drumming, adding almost an epic orchestral score to an action film in the essence of Ralph Bakshi’s Fire & Ice or Conan the Barbarian. Not to mention Petri’s basslines to have a thumping and militant rhythm quality to start the album off with a bang and it works extremely well.
And it’s not just because they are excellent musicians, but adding color and on the edge of your seat to see where they would take the listener into the different doors they go into. There’s a wonderful touch to the essence of Jethro Tull’s Minstrel in the Gallery and the Heavy Horses-era at times while the remixed touch of After Solstice goes from a gentle moment into a hypnotic synth/guitar roar. It starts off with a laid-back calming tone and then Robert, Colin, Pasi just really nailing it down in fast tempos before slowing down with creative forces that made my eyebrows light up.
Corvus Stone also has a softer and the primitive side. Pack up your Truffles sees them going into a very relaxing smooth walkin into the beach and watching the sunset in a Jazzy mood as Colin goes into touches of Fripp as the medieval Landfall gives both Tench and Pavi a time travelling slowed-down rhythm in the history of Renaissance music featuring clapping and percussion's that sets the tone throughout the song. 
This is my third time listening to Unscrewed. And again as I’ve mentioned before, they have never, ever disappointed me. Four new tracks and a return to the previous nine compositions in a revamped way, this is Corvus at their best. Not to mention Sonia Mota’s brilliant artwork on the first two albums and third. This is another achievement in Corvus Stone's career and I hope there will be more to come in the near future

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