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Friday, September 12, 2014

Marbin - The Third Set

Marbin have always been for me, one of my favorite bands in the Jazz Rock sound. Since my introduction came to their work with their mind-blowing, Last Chapter of Dreaming, they always wanted to achieve some to expect the out of the blue moments from them. This time, it’s a live album they have unleashed this year from the Moonjune label with The Third Set. 

This was recorded in various locations from March 3rd to April 14th, 2013 at different gigs from Wisconsin, Iowa, and New England to name a few and you can imagine yourself being in one of the shows and watching the group in an eruptive yet strong performances they gave to an audience that are jaw-dropped to the floor from start to finish. Danny Markovitch is channeling at times Karl Jenkins of the Soft Machine and Nucleus on the fierce touches, The Depot, as it’s homage to them which you could tell it’s a tribute to a heavier version of Song for the Bearded Lady combining with Red House with a Metallic touch stop-and-go from the Sax and Page meets Hendrix meets Zappa-sque styles that Dan Rabin does. 

It is a perfect match of Jazz, Metal, and 12-bar Blues into one which is evidential on the tribute to the 1930s sound of the fast tempos of Swing on Redline that I could Jimi himself could have used during the sessions for Electric Ladyland. Speaking of Hendrix, Rabin carries Jimi’s torch as if the master is watching him being blown away of what he is about to bring next to the table. With pieces like; Rabak, Splaw, and Vanthrax to name a few, 

Dani just goes in the shuffling blues rock touches and not to mention the melodic solo between him and Markovtich that at times is almost an excellent combination of not just the Hendrix touch, but also Stevie Ray Vaughan and I can imagine Dani Marbin himself playing guitar behind his head to pay tribute of both Vaughan and Hendrix. On Crystal Bells, Marbin goes into the Sahara desert and it has this atmospheric beauty thanks to Justyn Lawrence cymbals to create the tension as Jae Gentle’s moving bass line and Markovitch’s sax come in as you can feel the wind blowing and reaching to see if you have found freedom before the band come in with a heavy rhythm and mellowing sliding touch. 

Northern Bells is a very soothing and softer touch as if you are walking around midnight in the streets of Paris and watching the lights go on between the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, and the Seine as Markovtich just takes it to town by his Sax as he goes in the sounds of Dexter Gordon. I have listened to The Third Set about six times now of and Marbin have scored another home run for me here and I always imagine what they will do next in the few years to come of the sounds of virtuosity, progressive, and improvisational jazz rock like no other! 

So get ready to embark on Marbin’s adventure on this amazing roller-coaster ride with their live album because it will be an amazing ride that you will experience from beginning, middle, and end.

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