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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dusan Jevtovic - Am I Walking Wrong?

The sound of Jazz Rock, Hard Rock, and Progressive Rock, has really come a long way since the late ‘60s and into the future. And it’s a great chance for a huge revival to receive that big jolt of electrical voltage in the musicians’ life and body to show that the three genres aren’t dead, they come with an excellent taste and the power trio can come in handy.

One of the performers that I am completely blown away by is a man from Serbia named, Dusan Jevtovic. His guitar playing is intense, powerful, captivating, and thunderous as well. And with help from Bernat Hernandez on Bass Guitar and Marko Djordjevic on Drums, I knew that this was something I would later expect the unexpected. Am I Walking Wrong? His follow up to On the Edge, is a creative stroke of genius.

Capturing the essence of Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson, and Elephant9, Dusan shows his love of the three genres by giving it an ominous and magnetic atmosphere to go into the voyages of space with his music along with his fellow space cadets to hurtle through the cosmos through five centerpieces. Pieces like In the Last Moment II and Embracing Simplicity,  goes through darker passages as the intensity starts to raise up a bit more before going into your car and headed down a long and winding road to focus into the future and what will lie ahead for them.

Dusan changes various moods by going into those territories by increasing it that is a jawdropping moment as he along with Marko and Bernat go through a time machine as if it was 1974 all over again by paying tribute the Red-era of Crimson’s masterpiece while seeing Robert Fripp himself being blown away by them and receiving the hand shake from the maestro. The title track is a psych-fuzz composition with a post-jazz rock and at times middle-eastern twist thanks to Bernat’s walking bass lines, the band goes into that mode while the bluesy Zeppelin-sque rock flavored touches with One on One and the rockabilly sound of the ‘50s on Bluesracho gives the band a chance to relax from their moody and darker passages and have a blast.

The doom of the waltz on Drumer’s Dance comes in handy for the first few minutes before Bernat comes up with this beautiful solo on the bass as Marko is laying down the surroundings while Dusan is going through various chord progressions. Am I Walking Wrong? Is soon going to become the Christmas / Hanukkah gift for any jazz or prog fan to sink into. I have listen to this three times already and when you put this on, you will embark on for an amazing journey with the power trio. So if you love Jazz and Prog with a dosage of Red-era Crimson and Elephant9, you have come to the right place.

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