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Friday, January 13, 2017

Esquire III - No Spare Planet

Formed in 1982, Esquire have released two studio albums from 1987 to 1997 with the sole self-titled debut and Coming Home. Last year, they have released their third and final album entitled, No Spare Planet. It features nine unreleased material that Nikki Squire (Chris Squire's first wife) and Nigel McLaren’s composition that were completed before Nigel’s passing in 2015 just as they were getting ready to mix and master the album.

This completes the Esquire trilogy and making the duo come in full circle. It’s Nigel’s swansong and saying goodbye as the music is a cross between art, symphonic, new wave, and progressive style of music. Now I’m very new to the band’s music. And listening to their last album, for me, it is an emotional farewell to say goodbye and the legacy of Esquire will live forever.

And five highlights on the album will bring the listener to be prepare to have the Kleenex box in toe. It’s again one of the most emotional and powerful goodbye’s I’ve listened to from beginning to the very end. Ministry of Life kicks things off. The composition is done in three movements as the piece changes through the passages of time.

It is an excellent introduction to start the album as it brings to mind between the harmonizing vocals of the Beatles and Nikki’s voice resembles the style of early Annie Lennox and she can sing amazingly well while the ‘80s New Wave of the Pop scene comes into the foreplay of Human Rhythm followed by a touch of the Momentary Lapse of Reason-era of Pink Floyd and elements of Freddie Mercury’s solo work by dealing with the chance to go back and rewrite history and Stay Low.

Nigel McLaren's vocals, gives a final warmth and knowing that the angels are waiting for him to give his final bow. The two tracks in which he sings on the album; Friends and Enemies and Heaven Blessed, puts the toes into the water of Peter Gabriel’s solo work letting listeners know that it is time to go. The opening of the gates of heaven, is showing the circle now is in full. And No Spare Planet is a remarkable farewell.

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