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Monday, January 18, 2016

Motus Tenebrae - Deathrising

It’s been a good while since I’ve heard some amazing heavy music from the label My Kingdom Music. This year, they have unleashed something powerful, doomy, and eruptive that is destined to be played at maximum volume. The band is called Motus Tenebrae. They have formed in Italy for about 15 years and with different line-up changed and four albums and one EP in their sleeves, they have released a new album entitled, Deathrising.

Now I’m very new to Motus Tenebrae’s music. And I have to admit, even though I’m not crazy about their sound, they have completely taken me by surprise the moment I’ve listened to their sixth album from start to finish. The band considers: Luis McFadden on Lead Vocas, Andreas Das Cox on Bass, Daniele Ciranna on Guitar, Harvey Cova on Keyboards and Synth, and Andrea Falaschi on Drums.

The band recorded the album in Tuscany during the Autumn and Winter of 2015 as they were rehearsing and arranging the album from start to finish. You could tell they worked really, really hard to make this album eruptive, sinister, and intense as if they were recording a soundtrack set in a dystopian/post-apocalyptic atmosphere that makes it perfect for a darker overtone with mind-blowing results.

And the six highlights on the album, gives it a goosebumping chill at the right moments. There is the Tool influences which is evidential on the two tracks. On Our Weakness, Daniele’s sinister overtones on the Guitar introduction shows on where the lyrics deal about the issue of death and insanity is our weakest point and the reasons we have to go at some point and the misery that we have to pay for.

It has a dooming tempo followed by a crunching rhythm section thanks to the intense drumming that Andrea brings to the table. There’s also elements and reminiscent of Tool’s Undertow-era that gives Schism a follow up sequel while Faded gives Luis McFadden’s voice the essence of Maynard James Keenan and the essence of the Lateralus-era in which the vocals in the midsection gives a creepy vibration.

The title track as I’ve mentioned about the atmosphere, gives it a chilling scenario. Galloping guitar riffs both in the rhythm and lead section followed by Harvey’s keyboards to add the string section with an evocative feel. With an interesting combination between as if Ghost has teamed up with Mastodon to create a chilling vocalization and guitar lead section, it really adds up well.

The Thrash Metal elements come at you with blasting the door down so hardcore, that it brings the power of Electric Wizard at times with Cherish My Pain as the Sabbath-sque roaring intro for the Light Than We Are, ascends into the outer limits without turning back. Andrea’s pummeling yet the galloping drums sound like rapid gun fires coming at you unexpected on your headphones for going into a slowed-down tempo into a moderate tempo on the beats that shows unexpected holy crap momentum.

This is my third time listening to the album and Motus Tenebrae’s music. It’s really building up for me. And one thing I have notice that Deathrising is perhaps a chilling heavy doom/gothic metal that just took me up in my wings that can give you a surprising moment on where they will go to next. 

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