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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Korekyojinn - Fall Line

When I first heard Korekyojinn’s music. I didn’t know what to think of it. But from the moment I bought their eighth album entitled, Fall Line from Wayside Music, I knew something special was about to land on my old portable CD player. And once the CD was in there, I couldn’t take it off. The band launched back seventeen years ago in Japan by Ruins Alone drummer Yoshida Tatsuya, who also has his own record label entitled Magaibutsu, in which my introduction to him was on the Romantic Warriors series in the second installment of the Rock In Opposition movement (RIO).

They have released seven albums on John Zorn’s label, Tzadik Records and on Skin Graft Records. The band’s name is translated to “This Giant”. It’s a sly touch to bands such as; This Heat and Gentle Giant. In which they were inspired by. The band’s music has a RIO and Zeuhl flavor to their sound in which Yoshida, guitarist Natuski Kido and bassist Mitsuru Nasuno bring the energy, fierce, and in-your-face futuristic rock sounds to a cosmic voyage of Jazz-Rock with a harder edge to it.

Fall Line is a balls-to-the-wall improvisational album that will be completely on the edge of your seat as the trio go into some mind-boggling and wildest sounds they bring to the Zeuhl and Rock in Opposition sounds that will have your eye brows go up at any second. Mitsuru is creating some incredible bass lines that are jaw-dropping momentum.

He is like a fly on the wall as he goes through various solos and improvisations that is like a speeding car going at 700 miles per hour without anyone stopping him along with Yoshida’s drumming and Natuski’s guitar playing. They have this combination along the trio that resembles the essence of Jannick Top, Christian Vander, Manuel Gottsching, Robert Fripp, Tony Iommi, and Frank Zappa rolled into one.

Now, mind you, I’m new to Korekyojinn. The eight compositions on here, I wish I could name some highlights on the album, but I just can’t get enough of it! Difficult time signatures aside, the trio can take you on those magic carpet rides with an extreme powder keg waiting to happen at the right moment.

This is my third or fourth time listening to the band’s album, and I have to admit, this really almost made me head-bang throughout the whole compositions from start to finish. I might check out some of Korekyojinn’s music throughout this year or next year to see what they have up my sleeves to give me more goosebumps on where they will go into next.

As we are getting ready to get the Turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving next week, and Christmas coming up in a couple of weeks, you might want to get your Christmas wish list ready! Please ask Santa Claus if he loves the music the Zeuhl, Rock in Opposition, and the Progressive Rock genre, put it on your wish list. This is a perfect Christmas gift for fans of Magma, King Crimson’s Red-era, and Frank Zappa. Fall Line is highly recommended to delve into the pool and swim into the sounds of Korekyojinn.

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