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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quiet Observer - The Smell of Time

It has this interesting and sublime combination of different genres of music. From Metal, Electronic, Prog, Ambient World Music, to Jazz. And its almost as if they have been put into a blender and creating a futuristic sonic surrounding sound like almost as if it is something straight into the 22nd century as if its ready to bring the genres into the machine and bringing a sound and taste for the people in the new planet to enjoy the music to by getting into the vibes and the visions of the sound. And one of the most experiencing touches that do the sounds of these connections is Ukraine’s own Quiet Observer.

Quiet Observer have released five albums back from 2012 with five albums in their hands from the mind of Zolar Czack who has been playing and composing music since 2009 and there is not a stop sign for him. The new album released this year, The Smell of Time is nine compositions by Zolar as he plays all the instruments throughout the entire album and he is virtuosity when it comes to creating music for the future on this one.

Using keyboards, xylophones, drums, flute, guitar, and bass, the instrumental pieces establish the sounds of space with different time signatures and moods that make the journey worth an exciting ride.  You can always imagine this being used as a score one of National Geographic specials or one of the IMAX films for the Science Museums and then, going on a ride into the horizons of the Grand Canyon, walking into dark cavernous caves and feel the cool water dripping on the rocks, or swimming to meet the dolphins at times and he is going into areas that are calming, energetic, taking flight, and at times relaxing to set you in the mood for the pieces on here.

Giving the concept of going through different spaces of time, Zolar shows a lot of his energy given on here and is making it into directions of places that you haven’t seen in your whole life when you listen to the entire pieces from beginning to end. Yet, The Smell of Time is one of the most thrilling yet experience albums I’ve listened to about seven times now. And Zolar Czack has really shown a lot of potential here for what you are about to experience as you take on the ride and music of Quiet Observer.

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