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Friday, December 2, 2011

The top 20 Progressive Rock albums of 2011

So to the fellow space cadets, looks like it’s been a lot of difficult decisions to make to figure out the best prog albums of 2011. Going through the year has been a painstaking year throughout the Thanksgiving weekend and its that time and it’s been a tug of war. So here it is. Keep staying tune to this blog for the top 10 reissues of 2011 as well.

1. William D. Drake – The Rising of the Lights [Onomatopoeia]
2. Within Temptation – The Unforgiving [Roadrunner]
3. Blackfield – Welcome to My DNA [KScope]
4. Pallas – XXV [Mascot]
5. Steven Wilson – Grace for Drowning [KScope]
6. The Fierce and the Dead – If It Carries Like This, We Are Moving to Morecambe [Self-Released]
7. Mastodon – The Hunter [Reprise]
8. Matt Stevens – Relic [Self-Released]
9. Catscans – Catscans [Self-Released]
10. Van Der Graaf Generator – A Grounding in Numbers [Esoteric]
11. Nicklas Barker – El Ultimo Fin De Semana [Self-Released]
12. Opeth – Heritage [Roadrunner]
13. Orne – The Tree of Life [Black Widow]
14. Porcelain Moon – As It Were, Here and There [Self-Released]
15. The Tangent – COMM [Inside Out]
16. Cryptex – Good Morning, How Did You Live? [Self-Released]
17. Cavalli-Cocchi, Lanzetti, Roversi – Cavalli-Cocchi, Lanzetti, Roversi [Esoteric]
18. Blood Ceremony – Living with the Ancients [Rise Above]
19. Altered Symmetry – Altered Symmetry [Self-Released]
20. Von Hertzen Brothers – Stars Aligned [Universal]


Anonymous said...

I agree with Steven Wilson's Grace for Drowning.. and would probably put it much higher on the list. But I find it hard to think of Blackfield as progressive.

GuyManning said...

2011 is not over you are a bit hasty?

znathanson said...

Hasty, not really. I just wanted to get these out of the way though.

Nick Tann said...

Relic is a massive album!!

Anonymous said...

Blood Ceremony is great!!!

Mark Churchman said...

Porcelain moons album was a complete surprise to me. A superb album from a young band, glad to see it in your charts. Shame so few people will have ever heard it.

Mark Churchman UK