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Friday, February 24, 2017

Edge of Paradise - Alive

Two years ago, I’ve discovered for me one of the most interesting bands to come out of Los Angeles, California. I remember buying one of their albums on The Laser’s Edge website and it was in one of my top albums of 2015. That band is Edge of Paradise. Since their formation six years ago, they have taken the essence of Metal combining with theatrical, symphonic, progressive, and now with an electronic release with their EP entitled, Alive.

Margarita Monet and her bandmates Dave Bates, John Chominsky, and Nick Ericson have taken full control aboard the Millennium Falcon and getting ready for more light-speed’s that will await them. Her soothing vocals still send chills down to the bone and in your spine since I was blown away with their second album Immortal Waltz. Their new EP shows a very diverse sound. And the evidence is quite interesting from what I’ve listened to from beginning to the very end.

With Dust to Dust, they combined the sounds between electronica, symphonic metal, trip-hop, and industrial rock while Shade of Crazy brings thrash riffs, doom, insanity, and a faster ride into insanity, bringing to mind of the Ozzy-era of Black Sabbath and Within Temptation having a nice hot and spicy BBQ sandwich with a huge amount of Tabasco and Wasabi sauce.

Margarita brings her theatrical side on the innocence being lost in your own fantasy on the haunting piano ballad, Mystery. While the lyrics deal with searching for the answers, it is quite understanding that knowing that you can become your own worst enemy and dealing with the facts of life. The opening title-track is in full control. It is an enthralling composition that kicks into high gear by bursting the door down.

Not only that, but it starts things off with a gigantic battering ram ready to hit with an eruptive explosion in full speed by reminiscing Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral-era meeting My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Not a bad way to start an EP off as I’ve mentioned with a gigantic battering ram bursting down the floodgates.

Edge of Paradise are now one of my favorite bands to come out of L.A., and I hope they will keep the flames of Metal growing more and more and never, ever letting it burn out.

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