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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Soldier Six - Lost at Timekeeper's Gate

This up-and-coming trio from Belgium has completely taken me by surprise after hearing a couple of their compositions that had my jaw dropped to the floor. The name of the group is called Soldier Six and their debut album, Lost at Timekeeper’s Gate. It has the combinations of Post-Rock, Garage Rock, and Fast-Driven beats that will keep you up on your feet from the moment you plug in and dance to the rhythm of the sound and the vision since they recorded the album during the summer of last year.

The band considers; Vitja Pauwels on Guitar, Synthesizer, and Lead Vocals, Rudy Pelicaen on Bass Guitar, and Tim Welkenhuysen on Drums.  The band has something strange yet mind-blowing in their music as six highlights from the album, will finally get your attention to the band’s music. Opener, Wide-Eyed Kid starts off with a haywire effect from Pauwels synths before they go into this ominous alternative psychedelia vibe. His guitar playing is very intense along with Tim’s drum work as the rhythm section from both of the members is almost electrical and layered on a couple of moments through difficult time changes they would come up for a killer introduction.

Spaghettification (or Gettingsuckedintoablackhole) resembles this interesting combination of the Undertow-era of Tool meets the OK Computer-era of Radiohead. The chugging guitar sound and the spine-chilling surroundings they bring to the table before going into the calming and moody atmosphere as the stop-and-go rhythm as Vitja creates this Jonny Greenwood-sque solo sound to pay tribute along with the rapid beats on Shark Ethic that gives Rudy a chance to shine on his funky bass lines while The Creator has a spacey atmospheric drum work along with Rudy’s bass lines to set the tempo to have the late ‘60s feel.

But, they head back into the difficult time signature train station for another jolting along with the ecstatic touches that is captured on Dead Fish au Mur, from the synth effects that increases the vibes as they play the melody by capturing Vitja’s vocals, to the calming and fierce extreme measures the trio go into town for some stop-and-go moments in the midsection. Then the ‘80s New Wave of the synths comes into the circle as they do some Shoegazing along with the Post-Rock continuation surroundings that is almost in the mind of Mogwai and not to mention the Nintendo 8-bit musical vibes captured on 7 Steps to Ear Damage.

I have listened to Lost at Timekeeper’s Gate about ten times already and Soldier Six have finally came in at the right time at the right place to create some strange, weird, hypnotic, and electronic rock albums they have released this year. And it proves that they have finally done an amazing job to get your seat belt ready for an adventure you will never ever forget.

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