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Monday, February 27, 2017

Methane - The Devil's Own

This is for me, one of the most explosive albums I’ve listened to from start to finish. And for me, it is also I forgot to mention, a Holy Shit album! From Sweden, combining the efforts of Thrash, Groove, and Southern Metal is a band called Methane. Since their formation five years ago, they have released their first album on the Dark Star Records label entitled, The Devil’s Own. The four piece are bringing Metal in all of its glory and getting back into the styles of Thrash and how it’s supposed to sound. And believe me, they have done it right.

Very much giving the so-called Nu-Metal scene and Limp Bizkit the big giant middle finger and with a gigantic cannon blast waiting to happen with pummeling beats and pounding rhythms to get ready to head bang. Methane are like a ferocious beast waiting to unleash and attack its prey at the right moment at the right time. With a sound of a motorcycle revving up and ready to go from Jimi Masterbo along with the thundering bass lines by lead vocalist, Tim Scott on Blood, Sweat, and Beer, they deliver the mix to all the work to kick ass and pop a keg of beer.

Tim’s screaming voice channels between Cathedral’s Lee Dorrian and Pantera’s Phil Anselmo while Jimi’s guitar goes into over with an intense snarl. He and Dylan Campbell hammer it out between the lead and riffs as it ends with the can opening to get down, drunk, and having a lot of work they have accomplished. They also show their softer side….for a little bit. On tracks, Stone Garden and Hang Me High which two of the tracks show a mellowing touch for the first 2 minutes and 40 seconds while the closing track, 40 seconds.

With clean guitars and acoustic rhythms before kicking it into gear as if someone had punched someone in the gut. It is unexpected, but Methane show no sign of stopping. Mellow and Harder edge? An interesting combination. Scar and Bars is on the edge essence of early Metallica, Thrash-Punk, and Poison Idea’s The Badge while Spit on your Grave which I could spot a teensy-bit of the tritone on the introduction.

It delves back for the bikes to ride off thanks to Andrea’s crunching skull sound on the drums. One day, this track is going to be an anthem. An anthem? Damn straight!  Earth-shattering it is. Both Masterbo and Dylan Campbell bring the dueling guitars like no other channeling the styles of K.K. Downing, Dimebag Darrell, Kerry King, Kirk Hammett, and Adrian Murray.

The two of them duel it out as they make the volcanoes erupt and ready to reign the lava reigning hell. With two EP’s, e-book, and two music videos to name a few, The Devil’s Own is Metal’s sound that is balls to the wall. They are about to embark a tour here in the States this April and May. Let’s hope they get the States revved up with head banging, lose their minds, and play it really, really, really Fucking loud! 

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