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Thursday, June 9, 2016

My tribute to MoonJune Records...15 years later

This year, it marks the 15th anniversary of the label MoonJune Records by Leonardo “MoonJune” Pavkovic. Since its launch back in the summer of 2001, the label itself has been releasing 79 albums so far. And whenever I get a package in the mail from the MoonJune label, as I’ve mentioned before in my blog reviews of the label, something magical has landed on my lap. From Prog-Rock, Jazz Fusion, World Music, Avant-Rock, and Rock In Opposition, the label is still growing strong.

I first became aware of the label back in late 2011 when I bought the DVD Romantic Warriors: A Progressive Music Saga by filmmakers Jose Zegarra-Holder and Adele Schmidt from the Syn-Phonic Music website. And I was blown away from the bands/artists such as Cheer-Accident, Phideaux, and D.F.A. When I looked at the bands from the label such as The Wrong Object and along D.F.A., I knew this was a label I had to check out. The name MoonJune came from a Soft Machine track “Moon In June” from the Third album released in 1970.

Leo knows his understanding about music very well. He has a very good ear when it comes to the genres and supportive of the artists and bands when I would plug the CD into my portable CD player. It’s been four years since I’ve championed the label and I will keep on championing it until the day l die. So to Leonardo Pavkovic, I want to wish you and MoonJune Records, a very happy 15th anniversary and keep the wheels rolling.

And I would like to quote from one of my heroes and legends from Marvel Comics, the great Stan “The Man” Lee as he would say both, “Excelsior!” and from Uncle Ben in the Amazing Spider-Man, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

And my top 10 albums from the label:

1. Susan Clynes – Life Is…
2. Zhongyu – Zhongyu
3. Soft Machine Legacy – Burden of Proof
4. Mahogany Frog – DO5
5. Machine Mass Trio – As Real As Thinking
6. I Know You Well Miss Clara – Chapter One
7. The Wrong Object – After the Exhibition
8. Marbin – Last Chapter of Dreaming
9. SH.TG.N – SH.TG.N
10. Slivovitz – All You Can Eat

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