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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Magni Animi Viri - Heroes Temporis (World Edition)

Ten years ago Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegiacomo have come from backgrounds between Metal and Classical Music from the Southern Italian state, Salerno. They created this project called Magni Animi Viri and released a Classical Metal Opera entitled Heroes Temporis. It received positive critical reception from Italy and abroad the world. Now in 2016, the duo have returned re-release the album again in an English edition with two international stars both in the Symphonic and Progressive Metal community.

Featuring Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, Star One), and Amanda Somerville (Trillum, After Forever, Avantasia). And with Clive Riche doing the narration. Alongside the three, there is the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, John Macaluso on Drums, the late bassist Randy Coven, and guitarist Marco Sgogli (Creation’s End, James LaBrie, Project Damage Control, Jordan Rudess) who takes over the great Franco Mussida of PFM.

With the release of the album, it also features to go into a charitable aim to help donate a ward for dedication to autism children for a clinic in Italy in which to finance an opening of a "game-and-diagnosis" at the MerClin ward in Campagna, province of Salmero. Now onto the story. It's about a Man’s journey towards understanding redemption through the attention that the reality that he’s living in, is nothing more but a dream. And the music itself, being a fan of both Symphonic and bits of Prog Metal thrown in, it is for me, an epic spiritual journey to find out who you really are.

From the moment I put the CD on, I was taken to an open door to a world of peace and hope that all heroes will be joined as one. And the music itself nails it perfectly. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed from the music that Trotta and Contegiacomo brought here in their arranging and composition format of the story and orchestral metal that blend well.

For me, I’ve been a huge Amanda Somerville fan since hearing her work in her orientated project entitled Trillium back in 2012 with the release of Alloy that I bought from The Laser’s Edge website. And I was just completely blown away of her vocal arrangements in the melodic format and for me, she can sing very well.

Both she and Russell handle the duets as if working together as a team. The evidence is there on songs including the Thrash turned ascending Symphonic yet beautiful Thoughts. I love how the guitar goes through these various section between power riffs, leads, and rhythm as drums lend a mid-fast tempo beat before choirs kick in the door open and I get a feeling it will become a fan favorite and yet a sing-along song classic.

The acoustic ¾ waltz time signature to dance to with an emotional strong and powerful lush on Moon Peace while Intus + Until captures your heart with an embracing moment as Somerville’s vocal arrangements that resembles the styles of Within Temptation’s early days from the Mother Earth sessions and not to mention Trillium’s Alloy which I could imagine it could have been used as a bonus track.

Both Temporis and Heroes captures the styles of Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody’s Ascending to Infinity. I love the classical boundaries thrown in between classical guitar, harpsichord, and the Sinfionetta’s by giving Russell’s voice which carries a resemblance to Alessandro Conti. It’s not that he brings passion through his vocals, but at times calmer and ascending positions on his vocals that had my eyebrows go up.

This is my tenth time listening to Heroes Temporis (World Edition). It’s a strong, powerful, and poignant album from start to finish. And I have to give this project a huge amount of credit for helping donating on autism awareness for children and music itself is a healing process. If you love Symphonic, Power, and Progressive Metal from the realms of Within Temptation, Ayreon, Nightwish, Dotma, and of course, Luca Turilli, then delve into Magni Animi Viri’s Heroes Temporis.

Here is the website on what they are doing:

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