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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Locanda Delle Fate - Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Piu

By 1977, Punk was emerging like a boiling tea kettle as Prog was under attack by the French revolutionaries and soon became a thing of the past while it was now known as “Dinosaur Rock” from the so-called 5-minute fame pigs of the bands. There was this band decided to give the genre a real farewell and redefined symphonic rock through all of the Italian glory. Locanda Delle Fate’s redefined the genre like the last hurrah and soon became an unheard band as the Prog movement was sliding down the cliff.

Though they had a short-lived career, Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Piu is somewhat a very high and mesmerizing classical orchestrated rock album with a lot of guitars and keyboards to define the Italian Prog’s golden-era very well. A Volte Un Istante Di Quete is at first a lushful flow of keyboard, guitar, and bass passages before the last 3-minutes of the piece becomes a tribute to the finale of Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond and back into the classical mix to close it off. They really know their British Prog music very well and make’s the music a very touching tribute finale to the movement that was the yellow brick road for the bands and for this one as well.

While they go for the softer and emotional boundaries on the title track with touching piano and moog-like atmospheres, Profumo Di Colla Bianca has a reminiscent of the Wind & Wuthering-era with its melodic touches while Cercando Un Nuovo Confineis the most romantic pieces that the band wrote. Its bass lines, flute, and keyboard movements give them a chance to wield into a classical ballet dance to fill the theaters at the Royal Festival Hall.

Sogno Di Estunno is a thunderous yet dynamic piece that could have been written for the Giallo cinema as Non Chiudere A Chiave Le Stelle starts off as a fingerpicking layered guitar sound in the realms of the Canterbury-era before it segues into a lukewarm and moody yet haunting melody in the realms of 15th century folk music. If you think that’s over, well think again. Vendesi Saggezza is a very time changing momentum. With a mixture of classical music, dark passages, and haunting elements of the PG-era of Genesis of the Nursery Cryme-era, this track closes the album to a T and gives the listener a chance to understand why this band were completely ahead of the ball game.

The last track, New York, which was released as a single, has an early 1980s sound as it has an early reminiscent of the New Wave of British Prog with guitar virtuosity, atmospheric keyboard sounds, and angelic vocals filling the film score, will remind Genesis fans as an almost sequel to Afterglow. If this album makes you want to collect more obscure prog gems and Italian music from the ‘70s and have a love-lust of it, then this shows where the building lego’s could have fit on top of the spotlight.

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